Shark Infinity Vacuum Reviews

We are going to buy a new Shark Infinity and conduct a lot of research on similar models. This vacuum, I will say, lasted 5 years, so it’s nice and very fond of erasing HEPA. But, frankly speaking, hubs usually clean the block, because I find it cumbersome and messy. I’m a heavy model, but then I’m a small woman, I have nothing, but I can say that I can add my small height. So hard and awkward and just hateful to clean it.

IT has a really good absorption and holds well with attachments. I do not want to say that do not buy it, because its NOT the bad can be better … I would like to see improvements. Hubs seem to like him and want another, but I do not sell when I buy another, I think I’ll go with Bissell Clean View.

Shark Infinity Vacuum

Shark Infinity worked perfectly when we first got it, but the weight soon began to annoy me, especially when I moved to a place with a staircase. After only 2.5 years, the plastic clamp holding the hose has broken, the extended handle no longer blocks, so it rises and falls when I push / pull it. The worst part is that it overheats in 10 minutes, so I need time for vacuum for the whole house. Finally, because it really sucks very well, you need to empty the bag after each use.

We did not buy this vacuum from Amazon, so I can not comment on shipping. Out of the box, this vacuum was HEAVY! I had a cheap ($ 40) common brand 5 years before, and it should weigh 1/3 of Shark Infinity. We vacuumed with the old toilet, and then used our new shark, and she managed to suck some “dust” from the carpet. Nevertheless, I noticed that some lint and small pieces of paper were still not drawn by Infinity. A little disappointing. As soon as I pulled out the handle to use the part, I was able to get the skirtings and the sills almost flawlessly. I’m concerned that a metal tube will scratch my paint, so using plastic attachments is a must, which is a bit connected with my old vacuum. Fortunately for us, we only have a carpet on one floor of our house, so do not pull up and down the stairs, and if I had to do it, I would return it, just too heavy, but I will keep it since , as we got it like using reward points (read: for free) and because it suck.



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