Upright Vacuum Cleaners BOSCH: Review

Upright Vacuum Cleaners BOSCH

Among the variety of mobile units for cleaning is a series that is designed to clean up any area of ​​the room. This series includes upright vacuum cleaners BOSCH Readyy’y. Devices of this type work without recharging up to 36 minutes. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with environmentally friendly battery. The charge level is displayed on the indicator. Feature BOSCH Readyy’y is a compact manual vacuum cleaner, which easily detaches from the main. Also read this 8 best upright vacuum cleaners niokatiopter.

Which upright vacuum cleaner is better?

Upright Vacuum Cleaners BOSCH

By the method of obtaining energy, there are 2 types of upright vacuum cleaners: those that are powered from the mains and are powered by a battery. The main advantage of the first type is unlimited use time without recharging. Among the shortcomings are the lack of the possibility of outdoor cleaning, the inability to use during the absence of electricity. The disadvantage of a vacuum cleaner, which works from a so-called battery, is a limited time of use. To the positive properties can be attributed significant energy savings (due to low power) and the absence of a wiring connection.

Reviews on Wireless Technology

Recently, the upright vacuum cleaner BOSCH has become very popular among users. Comments on the technique were divided into positive and negative. Among the positive are: Excellent suction power. Compactness. No bags for garbage collection and paper filters. Presence of a turbo brush. In addition, it is equipped with rubber wheels that do not damage the surface of the floor. Easy to assemble / disassemble. Maneuverability. The brush moves regardless of the position of the cleaner body. Among the negative opinions are the following: Lack of attachment for cleaning in hard-to-reach places. Small container for garbage. Expensiveness. Short warranty period.

Popular models of the company From the series of mobile devices for cleaning the premises, a upright vacuum cleaner BOSCH BBHMOVE1N stands out. Feedback from users about this unit is mostly positive. Due to the high power, the vacuum cleaner can remove the smallest dust particles. The fine filter carefully filters the air from contaminants and allergens. The package with a cyclone filter provides power support at a high level.

The handle of the vacuum cleaner is folded. This saves space during storage. The battery replacement indicator is also an important tool for the device.

Features of upright vacuum cleaners The vacuum cleaner 2 in 1 is made in the form of a body with a dust collector and a battery. Addition to it is a hand-held portable vacuum cleaner, which is used for cleaning in hard-to-reach places. BOSCH Athlet upright vacuum cleaners are not equipped with a dust bag. To remove all accumulated dirt, you just need to remove the container and clean it. Containers are made of transparent plastic. Thanks to this, in checking the level of pollution there is nothing complicated.
Fine cleaning filters detain from 85 to 99% of dust particles about 3 micrometers in size. Disposable filters are made of cellulose, reusable filters are made of fluoroplastic.

Upright vacuum cleaners – the best choice for small apartments

Every conscious person understands the danger of dust. The presence of a vacuum cleaner greatly simplifies the cleaning process and increases its efficiency. Distinguish stationary and mobile vacuum cleaners. The latter are more ergonomic and multifunctional. The most optimal are upright vacuum cleaners BOSCH 2 in 1. Such devices are suitable for dry cleaning of carpets, hard surfaces, car interior, etc. Vertical type of execution is more practical, because similar models do not need an additional housing for the dust collector, air cleaner and pump. Absence of corrugated joints with brushes ensures direct dust ingress into the container (in the corrugation, particles of contaminants often emit that produce an unpleasant smell and have a negative effect on health).

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